Deliveroo: the best of home delivery

Even if this application is already well known to the general public, remember that Deliveroo allows the delivery of your meal at home. Thanks to geolocation, all partner restaurants near the place where the user is located will be listed. It then remains only to choose a dish from the brands listed.

For maximum readability, the Deliveroo application highlights several categories so that the customer can immediately find what they want. A tab for pizzas, another for burgers or even one for sushi make navigation easier. Other sections are featured on the home page as one devoted to top rated restaurants and those that apply promotions. Finally, the delivery time is constantly displayed for each brand.

Track your orders at all times

Once the menu has been composed and the purchase made in just a few seconds (for regulars), a tab will open with the status of the order. The user can follow all the stages (preparation, “in the kitchen” then “during delivery”) so as to never lose sight of his most recent purchase. After several minutes, a delivery man is assigned.

This last section geolocates the delivery person who will appear on a map. It is then possible to follow his progress in real time and not to keep him waiting when he arrives at the bottom of the building. If this functionality may seem a little intrusive, it nevertheless allows to limit the loss of orders. Note however that the geolocation of the delivery person is rarely exact.

A convincing grip

In general terms, the Deliveroo application offers pleasant navigation. It is simple to use and its sleek interface allows you to find the desired content directly. The optimization is there. Of course, you must constantly keep the smartphone connected to the internet to follow the progress of the order. This functionality is welcome since it reassures the buyer.

Alas, there are a few small criticisms to be made regarding the imprecision of the geolocation of the delivery person and the times displayed are sometimes approximate. Anyway, the overall experience is satisfactory and the application can even send notifications to keep the user informed of the arrival of his meals.