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Delhaize corrects "the shot" of its application

Delhaize corrects "the shot" of its application

Delhaize has released the "2.0" update to its application for customers and iPhone users. New features have been added to make the user experience even more user-friendly. Discovery.

Delhaize announces the arrival of the new version of its iPhone application on Tuesday. Critic when it arrived on the App Store last March, this new version “2.0” brings new features that will finally satisfy the customers of the brand who use an iPhone. At least, that's what Delhaize is hoping for.

What's new in this new version?

Order your shopping via iPhone:

First, the main news is that customers can now order their groceries directly from the application. However, Delhaize will not deliver the shopping but offers to “prepare” the order – via the Delhaize Direct service – which the customer can then pick up on a predetermined date. A service that saves time, however.

All Delhaize products and promotions :

Another new feature: all of Delhaize's current products and promotions are available directly from the app. The customer can browse through promotions or search for a specific product among all the shelves of his Delhaize store. In addition, all Delhaize products can be added to the shopping list or directly in the Delhaize Direct basket.

Prepare your “On the go” shopping list :

Forget the paper shopping list, the future is the digital list. Whether it is the shopping list for the week, the list for the next barbecue or the shopping for the neighbor, the customer can now keep them all in the same application. There are different possibilities. Among other things, the customer can manually add products or browse the most frequently chosen items. If he has just finished his favorite spread, he can use the barcode scanner integrated into the application to quickly add this product to his shopping list.

The whole family has access to the same shopping lists :

The application also has the advantage that several family members have access to the same login. For example, the wife prepares the shopping list on the iPhone in the evening and if the husband plans to do the shopping the next day, he can consult the same shopping list on his iPhone. When the customer opens their Delhaize account, the shopping lists, Delhaize Direct reservations and other data are all synchronized.

All stores close to hand:

The Store Locator functionality has been somewhat revised. While in version 1.0, it was possible to be able to locate a nearest store and obtain its opening hours, it is now possible in this new version to be able to search for stores based on three criteria: All stores , those only open (at the time of research) and those open on Sundays. An optimization that will have the merit of clarifying research as soon as this functionality is launched.

Will this new Delhaize app now convince? We await your comments on this subject!

The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

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