Deezer heals Flow image and improves CarPlay

Deezer heals Flow image and improves CarPlay

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deezer-music-and-podcast ipa ipad iphoneAfter the new logo and lidentit rethinks, Deezer (Music, iPhone / iPad, v7.9.0, 159 MB, iOS 10.0) improve some details.

The update of this night actually heals the recommendations part, called Flow, harmonizing the typography. She is now connected with the rest.

But the most interesting new feature is the CarPlay version.

Deezer Adds a Repeat Option in CarPlay

Good news if you use Deezer on CarPlay, the French developers have added the possibility to listen to the music you like a few times by activating the rehearsal for a title, an album or a playlist.

A new button is now appearing to listen to its favorite tracks in a loop. Are you like to put the same music 10 times in a row?

I remind you that unlike Apple Music, Deezer allows you to listen to free music with advertising and some limitations like zapping a certain number of times. A bit like Spotify actually.

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