decentralized Internet without censorship

decentralized Internet without censorship

Kim Dotcom has been multiplying the tweets for a few days to try to summarize the idea behind MegaNet. One tweet in particular has attracted a lot of attention: in the form of an Ascii work, we have to understand that MegaNet could cause suicides among Hollywood rights holders, but why?

According to Dotcom, MegaNet presents itself as a parallel Internet network: "MegaNet is not based on IP, therefore, no more DDos, no hacking. No more censorship. No more spying", le network could not be "neither controlled, censored, nor destroyed by governments and corporations."

Still according to him, MegaNet should be a mobile network although it "will not rely only on mobiles at launch. You would be surprised to know the bandwidth and the storage capacity used on a phone. MegaNet will transform this untapped power in a new network. "

The Blockchain, the distributed and public database of all Bitcoin transactions will also have a " important role" in the service presented.

As it stands and with the rather vague information presented by Kim Dotcom, it is difficult to get an idea of ​​what MegaNet could look like and how it works. We can however think that it would be a mesh network, maintained by an application to install on a mobile and which would bet on P2P connections from phone to phone to deploy.

This system will however require thousands of volunteers ready to share the connection and storage space of their smartphone, which would then operate at full speed at the expense of its autonomy … Not sure that the mayonnaise takes under these conditions, but Kim Dotcom No doubt there are other surprises in store for us.