Data theft in the USA: Huawei pleads not guilty

Image 1 : Vol de données aux USA : Huawei plaide non coupable

Image 1: Data theft in the USA: Huawei pleads not guilty

For the past few weeks, Huawei has been in turmoil in the United States and has been charged with ten counts. However, the company took advantage of the hearing chaired by judge Richardo S. Martinez to assert its innocence and plead not guilty.

The judge set the trial date for March this year. In the event that the Chinese firm is found guilty, it would incur a fine of up to $ 5 million.

Huawei vs T-Mobile

Huawei is charged with ten counts. Among these are a plot to steal trade secrets, electronic fraud and obstruction of justice. Prosecutors say the company has stolen information from T-Mobile.

The charges stem mainly from an incident in 2013. Huawei engineers allegedly photographed and measured Tappy, one of the robot testers of the American company. The data collected would then have been used to manufacture a similar device. In 2017, a Seattle jury ruled in favor of T-Mobile. He had awarded him damages amounting to $ 4.8 million.

Sanctions violation against Iran

The Chinese firm also faces another case. The 13 counts relate to the violation of the sanctions imposed on Iran. Meng Wanzhou, CFO and one of the company’s key people, is now held in Canada. The United States has asked for his extradition.

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