Darty: and if the brand was selling fake new iPhone?

Darty: and if the brand was selling fake new iPhone?

darty icone ipa iphone appImagine, after weeks of reflection, you finally cease the temptation: you want to buy a new iPhone to please you. Logically, unless you're in a hurry, you'll go around the web looking for the best possible price.

Your choice is Darty's marketplace, with great prices on some old models, but new and always reasonable at the quality / price levels.

The day finally arrives, the delivery is made, you unpack your device and … surprise! Your "brand new" phone has a background of a photo of a previous user.

darty iphone

Darty accuses of selling new iPhone not so new …

Yes, you read that, the Darty marketplace is full of good prices for some devices, with the word "new" in the description of the article. Hlas, it would sometimes be reconditioned products sold as new products to customers.

So, of course we talk about external vendors, not the Fnac-Darty group itself, but they are responsible for their platform and must be vigilant about what sells there.

However, according to the group, the criteria for keeping or not its sellers are very strict, trusting "the average of the valuations and the quality of the service". obviously does not prevent small malignant to pass through the cracks, as is the case of a certain Bestbuy. He therefore sells products which he describes as new, but which are finally repacked, as the seller's evaluation comments show.

An isolated case? Hard to say … Capital The group has thus been contacted, which has made sure of the practices of this seller. Only, legal procedures are in progress, preventing its immediate removal from the marketplace.

Dangerous … That's why we remind you to be careful of prices appearing too low and sellers without comments.