Dangerous virus targets Macs

Dangerous virus targets Macs

Check Point security experts have discovered new malware that targets Apple computers only.

Photo credit: AFPPhoto credit: AFP

Transmitted through phishing campaigns targeting Mac owners, the Mac Dok is a very aggressive virus that hides in a ZIP file that infects a machine as soon as it is opened and allows hackers to take control of a Mac distance.

The virus in question is said to be transmitted through fraudulent emails. The victim receives an e-mail from an unknown recipient, and unintentionally infects his computer as soon as he opens the room. An operating mode known to Internet users, but which remains very popular due to a general ignorance of the public regarding the methods of infection.

According to specialists at Check Point, the Mac Dok is the first large-scale trojan malware on the Mac. The virus has already infected tens of thousands of computers worldwide.

Once the machine is infected, the hackers would be able to remove the evidence of the hacking without the owner of the machine even noticing.

Luckily, opening the email containing the infected document would not present any risk since the malware could only be installed on the machine once the attached file was decompressed.