Dailymotion Games for video games

Dailymotion Games for video games

Addressing fans of video games and e-sports, Dailymotion opens under the identity Dailymotion Games a live streaming platform dedicated to video game entertainment.

For the moment in beta, it responds to a phenomenon notably observed with the success of Twitch which was at the heart of a battle for a takeover by large groups. It was finally Amazon who won for the coquest sum of $ 970 million.

According to Dailymotion, the video game generates 180 million video views per month and 11 million monthly unique visitors worldwide on its dedicated channel. What legitimize to take the next step with Dailymotion Games.

Dailymotion-Games-home-pageDailymotion already has experience in the live broadcasting of electronic sport events. Some partners are thus found in the beginnings of the adventure of Dailymotion Games like Millenium. Also cited are Eclypsia, joinDOTA, OnGameNet, IGN, JeuxVideo.com, Gamespot, Gamekult.

" With Dailymotion Games, users can easily create live streams, monitor them using optimized control tools and monetize them directly by managing the advertisements linked to their video content. "

, says a press release.

The platform is multi-screen (Web, Android and iOS mobile terminals) and also available on PlayStation 4. The interface is simple and rather attractive. We will now have to wait for the content to ramp up in order to offer something for everyone.


Worldwide, Dailymotion claims 128 million unique visitors per month (from a computer) and 2.5 billion videos viewed per month from all screens.