Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs


It’s the story of a guy …

Who has long legs. Very long legs. Five times larger than the rest of his body according to the developers of the game. His biggest challenge in life is to put one foot in front of the other to move forward, which is nothing simple with such a morphology.

Gameplay: just a finger

No need for a long tutorial to learn how to play Daddy Long Legs. The grip is childish. You press with one finger to make the character advance one leg, and you press again to make the character advance the other leg.

Explained in this way, it sounds very simple. But it is not! “Daddy” having nothing but a head and two legs, he has the annoying tendency to lose his balance quickly and topple forwards or backwards to end up crashing miserably on the ground.

This event will immediately end the game

Everything here is a question of timing between two “taps” on the screen. If you delay too long, Daddy will have already thrown his leg too far and will end up splitting on the ground without being able to get up.

If you are too fast, it will take small steps and will probably tangle your legs to come and kiss the ground.

More than the legs, it is the inclination of his head that must be monitored to prevent it from serving as a pendulum and precipitating your fall.

We warned you, simple and complex at the same time.

As much to warn you right away, you will fall a lot (it is even one of the challenges of the game), but the satisfaction of doing a few more centimeters than the previous time is priceless.


Very … refined levels

A solid background color and lines materializing the different levels to cross, that’s about all you will find in the levels.

The few coins that litter the ground are supposed to encourage you to go further and further to recover them. These pieces then allow you to buy new costumes or accessories for those you already have.


If play at Daddy Long Legs does not require any tutorial, we regret that the majority of the interface is in English. It is all the more unfortunate that the short texts participate in the quirky atmosphere of the title, with a few puns well understood.

A partial translation into French was made, to understand the challenges in particular. Nothing very disabling, but we would have appreciated a little effort on this point

Couch like never

The very nature of the game is repetitive, but the developers have done their bit to renew interest.

You will indeed be able to unlock new costumes that will completely change the morphology of Daddy Long Legs.

The first costume unlocked is that of Tony Horse. A tribute to skateboard star Tony Hawk. Daddy sees himself this time decked out with a long rectangular body horizontally, but still with his two long very thin legs.

Yes, the skateboard on his back is there to look pretty. But this has the advantage of modifying the balance of the character and thus offering a new challenge without changing the gameplay.


Repetitive challenges

So as not to leave you to your sad fate and repeat the challenge a little, Daddy Long Legs offers new challenges.

Unfortunately, they are not very varied. The first challenges are only related to distance, while others are related to distance … with a new costume (which changes the character’s balance).

One of the challenges is even to fall a certain number of times, which is not very challenging when you count the number of falls recorded in 5 minutes.

The yellow pieces

The coins collected from the ground and those won by completing the challenges

You guessed it, they are used to buy new costumes and new accessories for Daddy.

As you can imagine, it is also possible to acquire them by spending “real” currency via purchases within the application.

The mechanics are known, but the frustration of not succeeding at certain challenges can push the player to take short cuts by putting his hand in the wallet.

More than untimely advertisements

Unfortunately, Daddy Long Legs pushes monetization a little too far, to the point of degrading the gaming experience.

Indeed, long video advertisements of 20 to 30 seconds come to slip between the parts. They appear every 1 to 4 games on average. It wouldn’t be too embarrassing if the games didn’t last three seconds, watches in hand!

Thus, we find ourselves spending more time watching advertisements than playing the game. To remove the advertisements, we must switch to the paid version at 0.94 €. From there to say that we force the hand to the player, there is only one step …