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Cydia: Springtomize 4 available for iOS 10 jailbreak

springtomize 4 CYDIA jailbreak - Cydia : Springtomize 4 disponible pour le jailbreak iOS 10

springtomize 4 CYDIA jailbreak - Cydia : Springtomize 4 disponible pour le jailbreak iOS 10

Yesterday, the most famous of Cydia’s tweaks, Springtomize, went to version 4. This major update mainly brings support for iOS 10 jailbreak. Springtomize 4 is the essential tweak for anyone wishing to personalize their jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The application has more than 100 different options, for example to define the number and size of icons on the home screen, modify the animations, etc.

We have worked hard to provide you with the best user experience possible, which is why most of the options in Springtomize 4 no longer require respring and can be applied in real time. In addition, for the very few options that require respring, Springtomize will show you a nice notification from the status bar”, Can be read in the changelog on the Cydia Store.

springtomize 4 CYDIA jailbreak - Cydia: Springtomize 4 available for iOS 10 jailbreakAt the same time, profiles are appearing in Springtomize 4. “Profiles” is an innovative new feature, which allows you to save an unlimited amount of different configurations and switch from one profile to another in seconds. For example, you can create a “clean” profile, with the names of hidden icons and other minimalist options, as well as a more fun profile with dozens of animations, custom fonts, etc. You can add, copy and delete profiles easily in its dedicated section from the tweak settings.

Finally, the Springtomize code has been completely rewritten for the iOS 10 jailbreak, which means that the tweak is much faster, less energy-consuming and more user friendly. in this new version 4. According to its developers, the configuration engine used is “technically superior to any other configuration management tool you may have used before ‘‘. Springtomize 4 is available on Cydia from BigBoss, for $ 3.99. If you have version 3, unfortunately you will have to put your hand back in the wallet.