Cydia: Appellancy, facial recognition on iPhone & iPad

Appellancy Cydia - Cydia : Appellancy, la reconnaissance faciale sur iPhone & iPad

Appellancy is a new facial recognition tweak designed by Elijah Frederickson, and works on all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch on iOS 7. It allows users to unlock their device by placing their face in front of their camera. In addition, it comes with an API giving developers the ability to integrate functionality into their applications.

Appellancy Cydia - Cydia: Appellancy, facial recognition on iPhone & iPad

Frederickson recognizes that recognizing the face is a bit inherently dangerous, since an image can deceive it. However, a database of refused images is present to improve reliability:

“What makes Appellancy so secure is that it includes, by default, a database of random faces to determine a refused entry. The tweak can therefore reject almost any face other than your own. By improving this database and the facial recognition methods in the future, it will be even more reliable. If you find a face that matches when it shouldn’t, just scan it in the refused entries listed by Appellancy, and the device will be improved. ”

Appellancy is currently compatible with the most popular lock screen tweaks such as ClassicLockScreen, Convergance, AndroidLock XT, and iCaughtU. It is available on the Cydia Store for $ 1.99 (source Bigboss).