Cybersquatting for Agns Buzyn and the 2020 Paris municipal elections

Cyberquatting has struck again. A practice which consists in registering domain names with potentially the idea of ​​harming in some way or another a third person.

A new victim is Agnès Buzyn, the LREM candidate for the Marie de Paris for the 2020 municipal elections who took over from Benjamin Griveaux after his retirement. The electoral campaign of the former Minister of Health is parasitized by domain names borrowing his name which redirect for example to the campaign site of the current mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.

Specimens like, or even, while domain names such as and refer to a crisis management company called Crisalyde.

Cybersquatting is hardly in doubt. The domain names were bought and created this weekend and Monday, in the wake of the nomination of Agnes Buzyn as candidate in Paris. AT Franceinfo, Anne Hidalgo's campaign team claims to be foreign to this cybersquatting.

In the case of Crisalyde, the company indicates that it is prepared to return the reserved domain names free of charge (at the prices purchased) to the campaign team of Agnès Buzyn. " Managing a crisis means anticipating, analyzing the situation, coordinating your teams and having the channels to disseminate your actions and protect your reputation ", writes Crisalyde who offers himself a little promotion and has worked in the past for … the Ministry of Health.

Whatever the motivations behind, it's not easy to deal with this type of cybersquatting. A situation that has become all the more complex with the proliferation of personalized names while being generic first level. Here, .paris is an example.

To avoid cybersquatting as much as possible, Donald Trump had acquired several thousand domain names, including nearly a hundred following the launch of his campaign for the 2016 U.S. presidential election.