Cyberpunk 2077: update 1.06, exit the 8 MB limit which causes the backups bug!

CD Projekt Red has just released Cyberpunk update 1.06 for console and PC versions. The update removes the 8MB limit that was causing the save corruption bug with the most obsessive players. But the update also improves the stability of the console versions, while modifying one of the quests.

Cyberpunk 2077 update
Credit: CD Projekt Red

We were talking about it again yesterday: an annoying bug in Cyberpunk 2077 affects backups particularly on PC. When a player constantly collects items to turn them into more useful items, and spends so much time combing the map that it blithely exceeds 100 hours of gameplay, every save point becomes huge. However, beyond a 8 MB limit, Cyberpunk 2077 simply cannot read them anymore, displaying an error message that basically says that the backups in question are corrupted.

CD Projekt Red quickly recognized the problem while suggesting that this limit “could possibly” be lifted in a future update. Well folks, here is finally this famous update! CD Projekt Red seems to be really working hard to address the various bugs that plague the game. So, on PC, the famous 8 MB limit no longer exists. Which means you should no longer encounter an error while loading backups. Alas, as the studio already announced upstream, the backups which already displayed an error before the patch are a priori forever lost.

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But every player, even the most meticulous, can at least now complete the game as he sees fit. But that’s not all: in the release notes, we learn in particular that side quests “Dum Dum will no longer disappear from the entrance to Totentaz during the Second Conflict”. There is also a special console patch with “Improved memory management and stability, resulting in a reduction in the number of crashes”. So we may be on the start of a comeback of the game, including on console versions that were so sloppy that CD Projekt Red had to apologize and offer refunds.

Difficulties, of course, but all is not black in this world. Because if the bugs are difficult to ignore, it would be absurd to overlook two other realities, this time more positive. First if you have played the game on a version that is more or less drinkable (PC or Stadia, this is our case in the team) you know how the universe of Cyberpunk 2077 is really worth seeing. And then there is an unmistakable sign: the game has been a real hit since its release since more than 13 million copies of Cyberpunk 2077 have already been sold!