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Cyberpunk 2077: transfer of backups confirmed on Xbox Series X and PS5

Cyberpunl 2077 officially lands on consoles and PC on December 10, 2020, after multiple postponements. The developers of CD Projekt RED have just confirmed that it will be possible to transfer its Xbox One and PS4 saves to the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of the title.

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Credits: CD Projekt RED

The wait is finally coming to an end. Announced seven years ago, Cyberpunk 2077 finally arrives on our consoles and PC on December 10, 2020, after yet another postponement. As you may know, the title of the Polish studio behind the cult The Witcher 3 will run on almost all current machines, from Xbox One and Xbox One X through the PS4 and PS4 Pro, then on the next-gen consoles, namely the PS5 and the Xbox Series X and Series S.

Of course, PC players will enjoy the best version of the game, with Ray-Tracing and DLSS, provided they have a sufficiently solid configuration of course. However, and given the difficulty many gamers have in getting a next-gen console, it’s a safe bet that a large majority of them are starting the adventure on PS4 and Xbox One.

If you are in this case, know that you can start your adventure on your current console, and continue it on PS5 or Xbox Series X once the precious machine in your possession. Depending on your platform, the maneuver will be slightly different, and the developers have just detailed the procedure.

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How to transfer your saves to Xbox Series X and PS5

If you decide to take your next-gen journey on Xbox Series X / S, Smart Delivery will take care of everything for you. “Smart Delivery lets you continue playing on Xbox Series X / S where you left off on Xbox One. Make sure you are connected to the internet for your data to be downloaded from the cloud or connect your Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S to the same network and use Allow transfer over network ”, specifies CD Projekt RED.

If you are migrating from PS4 / PS4 Pro to PS5, there are three options available to you to transfer your saves:

  • Transfer your backups from the Sony cloud, provided you subscribe to PS Plus, Sony’s online service
  • Store your backups on an external hard drive or USB stick, connect the device to your PS5 and switch your data
  • Transfer your saves from your PS4 to your PS5 via the tab Data transfer and follow the on-screen tutorial to perform the manipulation. It is necessary to have both consoles connected to the same network, over Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet cable

As a reminder, CD Projekt RED recently unveiled a collector Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 card in Cyberpunk 2077 colors. Notice to hardware fans and collectors.

Source: Wccftech