Cyberpunk 2077: the first DLCs could arrive later than expected

Cyberpunk 2077 is due to welcome its very first DLCs in “early 2021”. While the promise is still ongoing, CD Projekt admits that this additional content may arrive a little later than expected due to the difficulties the studio is currently experiencing.


The release of Cyberpunk 2077 was not an easy one for CD Projekt and served as a lesson for the entire video game industry. The Polish studio is still far from going out of business and needs to correct bugs and technical issues, especially on PS4 and Xbox One. It could delay the DLC already planned for this beginning of the year.

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Indeed, CD Projekt had promised a rain of free DLC for the beginning of 2021. Moreover, the promise is still relevant on the official site. But the concerns that the studio is experiencing could delay their release, since it will first have to work to correct existing concerns before offering new content. Note that the promise of DLC for early 2021 dates from last week, but was actually posted on the official site on the day of the game’s release, or well before the successive controversies.

CD Projekt focuses on improving the game

The Verge site noted that an emergency meeting between the studio and investors was held on December 15. During this meeting, one of the investors asked if the concerns changed anything for the arrival of multiplayer (scheduled for 2022) but also for the famous DLC. CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński has been very cautious on the subject, arguing that he had other fish to fry at the moment :

“To be honest, it’s far too early to judge. Please, for now, just let us take charge of the situation and assess it. We don’t know at this point and we’re focused on improving Cyberpunk. We will discuss this early next year. “

The situation is therefore not in the DLC. At least not yet. Cyberpunk 2077 should in the future adopt the same strategy as that of The Witcher 3. We should therefore expect to free “little” DLCs, like weapons, costumes or cars and then later to large paid DLC.

Source: The Verge