Cyberpunk 2077: its launch brought Steam and GOG to its knees

Cyberpunk 2077 finally launched that night, and millions of gamers have flocked to the title by the fateful hour. What had to happen happened: the influx of users crashed the platforms on which it is available, namely Steam and GOG. The issues have since been fixed, but they are a testament to the wait for the Project CD set.

cyberpunk backups
Credits: CD Projekt RED

Cyberpunk brings PC gaming platforms to their knees. The title of CD Project was launched last night and at the fateful hour, players rushed to their computers to connect to Steam or GOG Galaxy to launch their adventure. The crowd was so important that the two services experienced technical problems.

Indeed, according to DownDetector, Steam had big trouble at one in the morning, French Cyberpunk launch time. The platform thus crashed several times and it was for a moment impossible to download the game, the download stopping dead at 60 GB. On GOG, the Day One patch also experienced download difficulties, as did the profile synchronization with the Cloud.

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However, things got back to normal overnight and it is now possible to play serenely. Still, seeing Cyberpunk “smashing” the internet is no wonder, and some at CD Projekt Red, like Fabian Mario Döhla, find it funny. This scenario is reminiscent of the one experienced by the Epic Games Store last May. The platform had offered GTA V to players, who had rushed to the service to the point of making it inaccessible.

Some console versions should be avoided

On PC, Cyberpunk 2077 is available on Steam and GOG, the CD Projekt platform. It is also available on consoles, namely PS4 and Xbox One. If they are playable on Xbox Series X and PS5, we will have to wait until next year to take advantage of the patch improving the graphics of the game.

Note also that you will have to be vigilant if you plan to play Cyberpunk on consoles. Indeed, our colleagues from Gamekult tested the game on PS4 fat as well as on the first Xbox One, and it is offered in a catastrophic state. It even becomes unplayable. Better then in enjoy on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X.