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Customers willing to pay $ 1,600 for a folding iPhone

Customers willing to pay $ 1,600 for a folding iPhone

iphone xii iphone 12 iconIn a recent survey of iPhone owners, the interest in a folding (or foldable) iPhone is quite high. Indeed, the customers questioned would pay up to $ 600 more to acquire it, or $ 1,599 when we start from the iPhone XS sold $ 999 (and 1159 with us).

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Folding iPhone concept

35% of customers want a folding iPhone

In a note to investors found by AppleInsider, about 35% of consumers interviewed by the company UBS and who already own an iPhone would be interested in buying a folding iPhone model. However, price remains the main criteria, with an acceptable increase of around $ 600 for the folding feature, according to the polls.

The survey shows a greater willingness to pay a premium (around $ 600) and a generally higher interest from Apple buyers for foldable products.

UBS predicts that a folding iPhone could arrive as early as 2020 at Apple, that is with the iPhone 12, but this is not the first revelation of its kind. In March, Samsung had already offered samples of Apple folding screens.

Apple has been working on a number of patents around a foldable iPhone since 2015, and the latest information indicates that partners have signed up for the folding iPhone.

For the record, the world's first folding smartphone will be the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which experienced problems at the initial launch in May and which will soon be marketed in September. It will be sold at a price of $ 1980, twice the price of a Galaxy S10 +. Analysts and customers find it too expensive.

How much would you be willing to put in an iPhone Fold? $ 1600 would certainly transform into 1749 or even 1799 euros with us.