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Custom codecs with DTS and AC3 for MX Player1.8.0

Once again, the contributors to the XDA forum have done an excellent job which will be useful to the greatest number. Technological developments have transformed our smartphones into first-class video players, functionality that will be enhanced with the help of this free codec pack! What more ?

Once is not custom, this sheet will not allow you to download a software in its own right, but a plug-in (additional module) particularly useful dedicated to the software. By default, for licensing reasons, this excellent video player is unable to play sound tracks encoded in DTS or AC3. When you try to open a video of this type, the soundtrack will be absent subscribers, which is rather annoying.

Never mind, contributors to the famous XDA site have managed to compile these different codecs in a pack that is particularly simple to install. Indeed, just download the ZIP file on your mobile, then launch MX Player on the same smartphone. If all went well, the program will automatically offer to install the codec pack, and activate it as the default codec.