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Current Apple Ads Annoy, Worry Seniors

Current Apple Ads Annoy, Worry Seniors

Current Apple Ads Annoy, Worry Seniors

Pub iPhone X 1 1000x563 Current Apple ads annoy and worry the elderlyA study by UserTesting on 200 people shows that current Apple advertisements annoy and worry people aged 55 and over. These people report that they find the advertisements boring and disturbing.

The firm studied the reactions of people with three different advertising videos (the videos can be found at the bottom of the article). People over 55 found the ads discouraging because of their quick style, describing them as “silly” and “chaotic”. In particular, the rapid manner in which the Apple Pay function was presented, without any details on its security, greatly worries these people.

Current Apple Ads Annoy And Worry

New iPhone ads show confusing situations, fast outages, and saturated colors Said Michael Mace, vice president of marketing at UserTesting. ” There is no doubt that Apple is thinking differently again, but this time it is unclear what the company intends to do. By capturing real human insights, UserTesting tries to find out why Continues Mace.

The thought of just paying with a look scares me. There are many variables to take into account “, says a 54-year-old woman who uses iOS. I worry about security and identity theft with the new payment feature and unlocking the phone or apps in the blink of an eye “, says a 61-year-old woman who uses Android.

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However, the firm claims that this has no importance, since the ads are not intended to persuade Android users to switch to iOS, but rather aims to strengthen the loyalty of the youngest iPhone owners to the brand.

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