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Crtinsulte: eccentric insults!

Crtinsulte: eccentric insults!

A new fun application, developed by Belgian students in computer graphics, is emerging. Crtinsulte randomly composes eccentric insults according to the name and genre (m / f) you enter.

Quentin Cloos, a young computer graphics student Seraing and his friends Maxime Willinger and Alexandre Meunier have managed to develop a rather funny application that generates almost endless eccentric insults!

“It all started during my secondary studies with my friend Alexandre Meunier, we had made a list of insults divided into 3 lists, which, bottom up, formed complete and random insults. Each word on each list was numbered and we just had to give a sequence of random numbers for it to work. ”

In order to practice Javascript, Quentin and his friends coded their list and developed the application that we are presenting to you today.

"Almost always the same principle, 3 lists of insults each containing the feminine and masculine of each word in order to be able to insult a maximum of people and especially to be able to play, the goal never having been to become malicious."

The strong points :

– Cool design – Requires 7.5 MB of space – Insults searched and sometimes very funny – Choice of genre – Possibility to enter a first name – Automatic update of insults when opening the application

The weak spots :

– The app is, alas, paid, 0.79 cents on the Apple Store – Insults sometimes redundant

Crtinsulte site you can there test the application for free !

You can try to win a free license of the app. To do this, you just need to leave a nice, funny or funny comment! We will select the best comments, they will leave with a free Crtinsulte license. (10 licenses to win!) We talk on the forum.

Some screenshots to give you an idea: