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Crossword is a good word game to pass the time and improve your vocabulary. It offers a good challenge to find hundreds of words and have fun alone or with others. We regret however a rather slow rise in levels, 2000 challenges, and repetitive with regularly the same words.

CrosswordAmong the good games on Android, many are those which test the reflexes, the skill or even the reflection. To brainstorm, Crossword will allow young and old alike to practice finding words in peace.

How to play ?

The principle is simple, the game offers at each level a set of letters as well as an empty grid that the player will have to fill with all the words that it is possible to assemble. Once the grid is finished, the letters are redistributed to start a new grid.

The buttons at the bottom allow you to unlock rooms with additional words found according to levels, share the game with friends, change the theme or even rearrange the letters in bulk.

A system of coins won over levels also makes it possible to display a letter allowing additional help.

Its grip

Crossword is very simple to take in hand even by the youngest, just slide your finger from letter to letter to form the desired word. Of course, the free version will display advertisements from time to time. We regret however a progression in rather linear and slow levels.