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Creative Destruction2.0.1171

Creative Destruction, a Fortnite like?

Creative DestructionCreative Destruction is a free Android game in the pure style of Battle Royale. The principle is simple: the player jumps in a parachute alone, in a duo or in a squad of 4 in a map of several square kilometers and will have to collect weapons and resources in order to be the last person to survive while taking care of the area that shrinks.

Like Fortnite APK, Creative Destruction uses a diversified map, cartoons graphics and above all the principle of construction. Indeed, in case of danger or to take a position, it is possible to build various structures such as walls or stairs. The graphics in cartoon style are pleasant and beautiful but the whole remains far too similar to Fortnite.

Creative DestructionCreative Destruction

Many skins and events

In addition to the classic solo, duo or squad games, this game offers complete training to properly take up the basics of shooting, construction and game mechanics as well as a real shooting simulator with robots or targets .

The events are also numerous and lead the player to explore and complete several missions in order to reap numerous rewards. These allow you to obtain new items to customize your appearance, accessories, parachute, graffiti or certain actions such as dances. Let us also mention the many models for the fifteen weapons available.

Creative Destruction

Its grip

Even if the training allows you to take a tour of the basics, it is clear that the handling of a shooting game on mobile is not easy without additional accessories. Creative Destruction is no exception to the rule and has a delicate grip that will require time and experience to shoot and build well.