Create Windows apps without a line of code, it’s possible

Create Windows apps without a line of code, it's possible

Image 1: Creating Windows apps without a line of code, it's possible

Last May, to promote the imminent release of Windows 10, Microsoft announced the brand new version of its development tools dedicated to Windows Store applications. The finalized version of Windows App Studio has just come out, and those who are not experienced in programming will have a little fun.

Of course, the Windows Apps Studio online service does not allow you to create a complex game or application. This tool is mainly intended for dilettantes or those in a hurry, who would like to create small presentations or aggregate content from different websites, including RSS feeds, YouTube videos, etc. The main advantage of the online application is thatno programming knowledge required and that everything is done automatically, using templates and simple drag and drop. A few seconds are enough to develop its first application. Once created, it is then possible to submit it to the Windows Store, so that it is accessible both to users of Windows 10, but also to those who have a smartphone under Windows 10 Mobile.

The completely free online service is available at this address: This is enough to create not a completely revolutionary application, but to make a personal app, which corresponds to the tastes and interests of the user. And to significantly inflate the number of Windows Store apps, who knows?