Coyote delays entry on CarPlay

Coyote delays entry on CarPlay

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coyote-alerts-gps-traffic ipa ipad iphoneCoyote had to follow suit Waze, Google and other Sygic, but the community radar warning seems to have some problems. More than a year after the announcement, the version of Carplay is not yet finalized. And the Twitter account announces that there is still a little work.

It's a shame because the third-party GPS apps on Carplay have arrived with iOS 12, and iOS 13 already has a good nose.

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Coyote is still missing on this screen

Coyote on Carplay: Alerts, GPS & Traffic for when?

The French company has begun the development of a new version of its iOS application to support supported carplay compatible radios more than a year ago. But users are starting to get impatient, as tweets explaining or even showing the installation for the benefit of Waze, among others.

Coyote quickly replied that she was aiming for the Carplay version this year, which is a big deal for the holidays. A very bad calculation.

For memory, Coyote offers real-time navigation, radar and incident alerts all over Europe.

Download Coyote Free: Alerts, GPS & Traffic

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