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Launched with the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris, Covidom is an application allowing the remote monitoring of patients carrying COVID-19 or likely to be. However, it is only reserved for patients monitored by hospital departments using Covidom.

The Covidom app is exclusively available for patients carrying COVID-19 or likely to be COVID-19 and monitored by hospital services using the platform

An application dedicated to patients carrying COVID-19

Launched on March 09, 2020, the Covidom application for Android makes it possible to establish a follow-up and a link between hospital services and patients carrying COVID-19 or likely to be. As stated in the preamble, it is reserved only for patients who have contacted the health establishments who have communicated their identifiers. For the moment, it is deployed within health professionals, general practitioners and SAMU of the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP).

The application offers the possibility of exchanging administrative and medical information from home with health establishments. Support can therefore be provided throughout the treatment process in order to benefit from daily remote monitoring.


A medical remote monitoring

As a reminder, access to this application is only authorized and available for patients who have already contacted hospital departments already using the platform.

First, the doctor and healthcare professionals include the patient in the process by registering and connecting them to the platform. Covidom then allows the patient at home to answer daily medical questionnaires regarding temperature monitoring. and different symptoms. These questionnaires are personalized according to the patients and may include alert systems according to the responses given. Their frequency can also vary depending on the risk stratification and the period.

The patient application is available on Android, iOS and on any device via the web portal. Healthcare professionals have a dashboard to view indicators and alert levels according to patients. The healthcare teams can thus know how the patient lives daily and if he needs more particular attention, especially in case of high fever or significant respiratory discomfort. In this case, the nursing staff comes directly into contact with the patient to give him more specific instructions.

In an immediate emergency, the patient is asked to contact the 15.

As stated in the AP-HP press release, this application has “the objective of ensuring remote monitoring of patients who do not require hospitalization, without overloading healthcare establishments and general practitioners, thus allowing them to focus on on patients in need. “