Covid-19: Facebook goes to war against anti-vaccine fake news

Facebook will step up its fight against anti-vaccines. The social network promises to be much more attentive to disinformation on the subject, a little more than a month after having banned the advertising campaigning against vaccines.

Credit: Alex Haney / Unsplash

Facebook wants to show its white paw in the fight against disinformation and today promised to fight more effectively against antivaccines on its network. Thus, all publications spreading false information on the subject will be automatically deleted, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp.

A big step forward for the firm of Mark Zuckerberg, which had already struck a blow in October by purely and simply banning the advertisements paid by antivax. This time, tolerance is no longer in order, whether for groups or individuals. Facebook’s charter has indeed evolved by classifying misinformation on the subject as something that can lead to physical injury.

An evolving charter

The data around the coronavirus vaccine is changing every moment. As a result, Facebook promises to regularly update its charter based on data from health authorities in each country. Facebook also indicates that certain conspiratorial information will be automatically deleted as of today. By way of example, the network refers to publications claiming that nanoparticles are placed in vaccines, or that the latter is injected into certain populations without their knowledge as a test. Theories as far-fetched as they are dangerous, as the coronavirus continues to claim many victims across the world.

Facebook is trying to buy a pipe for a few years. The American election, for example, allowed him to position himself as a champion of the fight against disinformation. The network then suppressed all false information on the subject and strictly controlled political publications by clearly indicating them to users or by concealing them. This new policy therefore allows it to continue its momentum and curb the circulation of fake news. Note that in addition to this, Facebook has set up a page dedicated to the coronavirus which brings together all the official information concerning the evolution of the pandemic.