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Court of Appeal dismisses Apple's claim


The United States Court of Appeal has dismissed Apple’s request to review the decision ordering the Cupertino firm to pay $ 503 million in favor of VirnetX for infringing certain patents.

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In November, judges suspended the sentence pending a hearing before the Court of Appeal after Apple opposed the first court decision. On appeal, Apple was found guilty of infringing two of the four alleged patents.

Apple had appealed to the court to set aside the conviction. Only, the Court of Appeal ultimately rejected his request. Apple can now challenge this decision by stating that the company has not infringed two of the four VirnetX patents. In this case, the judges can request a new full trial.

Recall that in April 2018, Apple was found guilty of violating four VirnetX patents relating to secure communications and FaceTime, VPN and iMessage.

On the compensation side, Apple’s claim highlights that damage should be limited to the value of the patented invention, rather than the total value of an iPhone or Mac.

The case between Apple VirnetX does not seem to be completely over. The Californian glove still has a card to play…