Couple sale: the iPhone 4S from 472 euros at

Couple sale: the iPhone 4S from 472 euros at

While the Flemish operator Telenet was, until now, the only operator to offer the iPhone in the form of a couple sale, website offers an attractive offer to new customers interested in being able to get the latest Apple. It’s at least what many of our forum members report who indicate that they have found “the right vein” by requesting the services of this company. In front of such a craze aroused by our members, the writing of Belgium-iPhone therefore decided to investigate this business.

Specializing in the sale of mobile phones, smartphones and subscriptions related to operators Proximus and Mobistar, this young company, born a year and a half ago, recently stood out thanks to its attractive offer linked to obtaining an iPhone 4S about from 472 (against 639) through a couple subscription sale.

"In fact, we have offered this possibility of acquiring the iPhone 4S for four months already", tells us Christophe Vandendriessche, co-founder of And the offer seems to generate some success if we crust the latter, “Currently, we sell between 400 and 500 subscriptions via this formula”, specifies Mr. Vandendriessche.

So how can this young company afford to sell the iPhone 4S at a lower price? The answer is simple, the latter does not hesitate to plan its profits by tapping directly into the sales commission offered by Proximus during each subscription sale to the operator. And this contribution to the discount of the iPhone is not small if we believe the co-founder of

“To allow us to sell the lowered iPhone 4S price, we take 50% of the commission offered to us by Proximus and then deduct it from the total price of the device”, explains Mr. Vandendriessche. A strategy which therefore seems to work since nearly 1,800 customers have already succumbed to it so far.

In practice, the brand offers five subscription pricing plans "MTV Generation" (the conventional operator packages, in short) whose price is between 10 and 55 / month. The more the customer chooses a high subscription, the less he will obviously pay for his iPhone…

take into consideration, however, that the couple sale goes hand in hand with a 24-month commitment and that if the customer wishes to terminate his contract before the expiry date, the latter must pay an amount which corresponds to the price of the iPhone calculated to the number of months of engagement remaining. A case that can however hold the road provided not to be too fond of data consumption because the "most important" subscription offer only offers 100Mb / month.

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