could start as early as this year

In a context of stagnant smartphone sales and difficulties in differentiating, the time for mobile devices with folding display could arrive a little faster than expected.

According to Digitimes, the first announcements could fall from the end of 2018, while several smartphone manufacturers have stepped up their R&D efforts in this direction.

Samsung Electronics, behind several patents on the subject in recent years, is seen as one of the first to embark on this new niche, after having proposed curved displays on the edges, a distinctive sign of its high-end smartphones Galaxy S and Note.

Samsung foldable AMOLED screen

From an unofficial source, the Korean group has already developed 80% of the manufacturing process for these future folding devices and may therefore be able to launch this year.

Apple could be part of the future players in the field, with several patents around devices that can be folded in three, which remains to be determined if they are intended for iPhone and iPad, or other classes of electronic products .

Apple patent folding screen

We will also probably have to rely on the Chinese giant Huawei, which some recent patent filings suggest that he is also logically interested in folding screen devices.

So much so that it could also come out of the woods at the end of 2018, to the point of claiming the status of the very first smartphone manufacturer to launch this type of device, which could support its ambitions as an actor capable of surpassing Apple and Samsung.

We will not forget either LG Electronics which has filed patents for flexible screens and foldable smartphones, while Chinese manufacturers like Oppo, Lenovo and ZTE should quickly integrate into this new trend.

The design office Strategy Analytics anticipates an initial volume of 700,000 foldable smartphones in 2019, suggesting that they will remain objects of curiosity in the short term, before representing more than 30 million units in 2021 and 50 million in 2022.