COSMOS RINGS is available for Apple Watch

COSMOS RINGS is available for Apple Watch

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cosmos-rings ipa iphoneCOSMOS RINGS (Game, v1.0.0, VO, 186.2 MB, iOS 9.0+, SQUARE ENIX INC) is already out, a week after being announced by the Japanese studio.

This RPG dedicated to the smartwatch Apple has a retro pixelated look for an adventure that will ask you to save the princess time. For that, you will obviously have to fight. Attention, the attacks are automatic during the fighting (certainly to simplify the gameplay), which is totally unusual in the role plays of the editor.

You will have your hands on the power and evolution of your sword. To see, but this game may frustrate more than one player.

As often with Square, the app is quite expensive, here you have to pay 5 euros for the privilege of playing a RPG on his Apple Watch.




Download COSMOS RINGS at € 5.99

cosmos-rings ipa iphone