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Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite Review

When I built my own desktop computer for the first time a few years ago, I did everything in my power to find high-performance components and a sleek, minimalist housing to house them. I even treated myself a little when it came to the monitor, looking for a crisp display that I had been looking at for a long time. When it came time to secure a mouse for my computer, however, I didn't have nearly the same energy.

I grabbed a $ 5 random mouse from Best Buy and called it one day, satisfied with its basic functionality. It is only now, after spending time with a robust and powerful mouse like the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite wired USB, that I realize how stupid I was. This mouse not only satisfies basic computer needs, it completely changes your gaming experience.

Normally, I was not the gaga type for intense computer technology and LED flashing. I owned my fair share of LED headsets that I rushed to shut off all the lights, because I just didn't see the need for them. The different light sections of the otherwise matt black Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite speak to me, however. both fully customizable via Corsair's iCUE software, they're a fun way to add personal expression to my desktop layout, but never intrusive or distracting once I'm working hard or diving into a game. Being able to assign different colors each individual section of mouse light is an even more pleasant touch, allowing me to easily create a palette of complementary colors.

The pretty lights are not the main attraction of this mouse, however. Even without fancy LEDs, the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite has a heavy construction that screams premium quality and an elegant design that perfectly houses each of my fingers when I use it. I have often found my ring finger hooked or hooked on my old mouse, but the right rubberized recessed grip of the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite gives this finger a comfortable area to land without feeling tight or uncomfortable.

left of the mouse, the biggest unique feature of this mouse. Your thumb normally rests on a set of 12 small macro numbered buttons that can be fully customized via iCUE software. You can assign basic keys like F5 or Caps Lock to these buttons, but you can also record custom macros in case you need to assign a key combination like Ctrl-Alt-Z. This configuration is a boon for MMO enthusiasts who need to easily access complex macros, but if you intend to use the full set of keys, you may need to spend some time training your muscle memory.

The keys are quite small and tight against each other, and I have often found myself pressing the wrong key or even pressing keys entirely by accident when I went to grab the mouse. equipped with Omron switches, worth 50 million clicks. It's a lot of clicks. Left and right clicks perform their functions, alongside a silent scroll wheel with a beautiful ring of built-in light.

However, two additional buttons exist under the scroll wheel. One button toggles between the five DPI settings on the mouse, while the other can be used to browse iCUE profiles in case you need different macro configurations for different games and applications. Profile swapping is incredibly useful, but my DPI button is not very useful. Once I found the sensitivity of my favorite mouse, I left it there and rarely ventured out of my comfort zone. You can just as easily use the profile exchange function to access different DPI settings if you are one of those who change like a.

The multitude of sensitivity options is impressive and the 18,000 DPI sensor provides supreme level of precision, while you can increase the polling rate up to 1000 Hz so that it communicates with your PC at an incredible rate. The Scimitar RGB Elite has the assets to give you a serious advantage for competitive games, in particular macro-heavy MOBA or MMO.