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Coronavirus: Waze will no longer report police checks until containment ends

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) led Waze to temporarily suppress reporting from police checks. Some users were indeed using the application to evade containment measures. The application also displays a new warning message when it opens.

Waze Crédits: Waze

Waze is a well-known application for motorists. Now owned by Google since 2013, this application allows, thanks to the competition of other motorists (what is called, in the vernacular, the crowdsourcing) to report a number of events on the road, such as accidents, stopped cars, obstacles, sudden deterioration of the weather … but also police checks. Normally, this latter functionality is already debated.

Waze had become the best tool to avoid piton controls

However, since the implementation, in France, of strict containment measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic, motorists have been added pitons tents to evade possible police checks, and trudge as if nothing was on the deserted streets. LCI indeed reports that in Paris, as one imagines also in other cities, the mobile checkpoints set up by the police to check the drug certificates were almost all reported in Waze.

What cause a wave of criticism which pushed Waze to react over the weekend. The application explains LCI that the reporting function the presence of the police has been completely removed from Waze since this weekend. In addition, the application now displays a popup window when the application is opened. It reads: cin general in France. Drive only when absolutely necessary. In this case take your certificate of displacement.

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Containment in France is a compulsory measure, which is also essential to contain the coronavirus epidemic, and to try to limit its consequences in terms of mortality and congestion in hospitals. In the event of non-presentation to the police, or of non-compliance with the certificate of irregular displacement, a fine of 135 is payable. Fine which can go up to 1500 in the event of a repeat offense within 15 days, and 3700 accompanied by up to six months' imprisonment for multi-habitual offenders.

Source: LCI

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