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Coronavirus: iPhone photo module supplier closes factory

Coronavirus: iPhone photo module supplier closes factory

Apple’s supplier LG Innotek’s factory is located in South Korea.

New blow for the Apple. While some factories of its main supplier, Foxconn, are reopening little by little, another problem is putting production of its smartphones at risk. According to Reuters, Apple’s photo module supplier for the iPhone has been forced to close the doors of one of its factories after a worker was infected with coronavirus.

The factory in which the employee worked is located in Gumi, South Korea. It was closed over the weekend so that a disinfection of the premises could be carried out.

LG Innotek is not the only company located in South Core to have a worker affected by the virus. Samsung Electronics had also detected a sick employee in one of its factories a few days earlier. The Korean company has also closed its factory, causing delays in the production of the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, the two models of foldable smartphones.

The temporary closure of the LG Innotek plant will certainly have an impact on Apple since this is where its iPhone photo sensors are manufactured. The factory, however, is expected to reopen soon. Enough to limit the impact on iPhone production. Still, it shows how Apple’s production line could be disrupted, not just in factories located in China.

Recently, Tim Cook made a particularly optimistic speech as for the production of Apple products. A speech that is necessarily reassuring for investors after the CEO of Apple admitted that the financial objectives of the first quarter would not be achieved because of the coronavirus.

Now, if China controls the coronavirus, as Tim Cook says, the epidemic is spreading outside the country, especially in South Korea. In other words, things may not be ready to settle for Apple.