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Coronavirus Boosts iPad Sales Despite Declining Production Capacity

Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air Coronavirus boosts diPad sales despite declining production capacity

Some information can be surprising although it is logical; the coronavirus affects the production of Apple products, including the iPad, but it would give an unexpected boost to iPad sales in China. Why ? The site Digitimes gives us the answer.

To prevent the spread of the virus, many office workers in China work from home. Also, many schools have launched online courses for students who stay at home. Therefore, this fuels the demand for tablets while their production is down because of the coronavirus. This therefore leads to a slight increase in the prices of iPads (and other tablets).

“E-commerce platforms are now the main way for consumers to buy tablets, as most physical stores can hardly resume normal business”, explains the site.

IPad production in China is split between Compal, which manufactures most of the low-end models, and Foxconn, which mainly manufactures the iPad Pro. These two factories are located in Chengdu, in southwest China. According to Digitimes, the latter operate at around 30% of their capacity.

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