Coronavirus: Apple suppliers in China want to restart production next week

Usine Foxconn - Coronavirus : les fournisseurs d’Apple en Chine veulent relancer la production la semaine prochaine


Posted: February 4 2020Updated: February 4, 2020

by Steve

China is currently affected by the Coronavirus, a virus derived from SARS which had killed around 300 between 2002 and 2003. The epidemic is such that every day, the Chinese state announces the death of more than 50 people, and more than a thousand infected all arise 24 hours in Hubei province, home of the Coronavirus. Xi Jinping’s government therefore logically extended the Chinese New Year holidays and ordered companies to suspend operations until next week.

Foxconn factory - Coronavirus: Apple suppliers in China want to restart production next week

A blockage that could be maintained depending on the evolution of the virus. Suppliers ofApple however say they are ready to relaunch their production. The main subcontractor of Apple Foxconn, known to assemble the iPhone, has indeed indicated to the American media Bloomberg that he intended to resume production at full speed from February 10. Quanta Computer, Inventec and LG Display, which develop AirPods and screens, plan to do the same. The factories of these suppliers are still located more than 500 kilometers from Wuhan, the Chinese city which experienced the infection.

Apple had meanwhile announced that its offices and Apple Store in China would be closed until February 9 “as a precaution and based on the latest advice from leading health experts.” Apple has 10,000 employees in China.