Coronavirus: Apple reopens all of its Chinese Apple Stores

iphone chine - Coronavirus : Apple annonce des recettes en baisse


Posted: March 13 2020Updated: March 13, 2020

by Steve

Everything is not bad. If France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Europe as a whole and the United States are fully affected by the coronavirus, China seems to be slowly emerging from this crisis. The proof with this latest news from the front, fromApple himself. The apple firm has indeed announced on its Chinese site that all of its physical stores in China, namely 42, are reopened after being closed because of COVID-19.

iphone chine - Coronavirus: Apple reopens all of its Chinese Apple Stores

As a reminder, the coronavirus pushed to close the Apple Store Apple at the beginning of February. Some brands have already reopened, but not all. It is now done today, proof of a gradual return to normal. The closure of these Apple Stores obviously had an impact on the financial results of the brand, which announced that it could not reach these forecasts. Especially since the next iPhone will surely be delayed due to production concerns.

However, Apple Stores are still closed in Italy. A closure that stems from the decision of the authorities who decided to close everything except food and pharmacies. For sure, they could close in France, Spain and Germany. And maybe even in the United States.