Coronavirus: Apple announces declining revenues

iphone chine - Coronavirus : Apple annonce des recettes en baisse


Posted: February 18, 2020Updated: February 18, 2020

by Steve

The Coronavirus, which is hitting China hard right now, has a direct impact on the production of technology devices. The factories producing brands all over the world are indeed present in the country, and the health crisis prevents them from opening and functioning properly. Result ? Apple announced to be affected and warned on its site that the financial forecasts cannot be reached and that the offer ofiPhone will be limited.

iphone china - Coronavirus: Apple announces declining revenues

“Work is starting to resume across the country, but we are experiencing a slower than expected return to normal. As a result, we do not expect to meet the revenue forecast we provided for the March quarter, “said Apple. “Although the factories of our partners who manufacture the iPhones are located outside of Hubei province – and although all these facilities have reopened – they are resuming more slowly than we had anticipated (…) These supply shortages d ‘iPhone will temporarily affect worldwide revenue,’ continues the brand.

“Outside of China, customer demand in all of our product and service categories has been strong so far and in line with our expectations,” said Apple. The Californian firm had forecast revenues between 63 and 67 billion dollars for this quarter.