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Corning is working on a foldable glass … to equip a foldable iPhone?


Posted: March 7 2019
Updated: March 6, 2019

by Steve

Apple seems to work on a foldable screen. After filing patents (World is Small spoke a few days ago), after that Samsung offered their own technology to Apple (World is Small you also talked about it!), it is now the favorite partner of the Apple brand, Corning, which leaves a clue as to the development of a foldable screen specific to the Cupertino company.

corning - Corning is working on a foldable glass ... to equip a foldable iPhone?

Corning has worked with Apple since the very first iPhone. The company designs the glasses that surmount the slab of the iPhone and iPad and would have… created a foldable glass! More surprisingly: John bayne, senior vice president and general manager of Corning, confirmed the information to Wired : ” We have the glasses, we have sent samples to customers, and they are functional, but they do not yet meet all the required specifications

Currently, the Mate X of Huawei and the Galaxy Fold of Samsung are fitted with foldable polymer screens. If future iPhones used foldable glass screens, they would be more resistant to scratches, and better adapted to touch, but also more rigid: in other words, it would be much more complex to manufacture them. Corning hopes to finalize its foldable glass by 2021. Will it integrate apple phones?