Cooler city centers thanks to electric vehicles

Cooler city centers thanks to electric vehicles

Researchers have recently looked into the medium-term effects of the coming democratization of electric vehicles. It was thus determined that the deployment of electric vehicles would cause a cooling effect in urban areas.

Nissan leaf The conclusion is logical since the traffic jams of thermal vehicles often lead to warming of the ambient air by the accumulation of vehicles parked in the same place. The heart of cities is therefore warmer, which leads to overconsumption of air conditioners in homes, which themselves release hot air, constituting a vicious circle.

With fresher air, motorists and residents should no longer systematically use air conditioning, which means even less pollution and energy consumption.

According to estimates, if the city of Beijing had benefited from a switch to electric vehicles in summer 2012, the city would have avoided the release of 11,779 tonnes of carbon dioxide per day solely due to air conditioning, and 14.4 kW of electricity consumed.

The benefits of the electric vehicle would no longer be seen only on the road, but also in built-up areas and homes that would benefit from more bearable summers. However, this research is only valid in landlocked areas where heat is very difficult to dissipate by the absence of drafts.