Cool off with the iPhone - Belgium-iPhone

Cool off with the iPhone – Belgium-iPhone

Want to brush up on ideas? What if there was an app for a? In fact, not really an application but rather a fan connecting to the Dock connector of your iPhone. LiPhone Dock Fan is the name of this accessory that rotates 90 degrees and propels fresh air to the face of its user at a speed of 4,000 rotations per minute. This fan uses the iPhone’s battery to operate. So this summer if your air conditioning is not working and you are blocked in the sun, you just need to plug your Dock Fan into your iPhone / iPod Touch and voila!

The Dock Fan comes with a carrying case, it weighs 17 grams and is available on the JTT website priced at 1,260 yen, or about 11.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Via Clubic )

Demonstration video: