AirPods headphones finally next week?

Cook responds on the AirPods: Sorry for the delay

airpods apple iphone ipadIt is rare that the date of availability of a product headed is as mysterious as for AirPods wireless headphones.

Since their official presentation on September 7, many conflicting rumors have reported various release dates, but still with delays. Tim Cook is well aware of this and he has responded to a customer on this topic according to MacRumors.


Here is the email of the annoyed customer:

"Give us a release date. I really adhered to the wireless vision that you imagine. Now I'm stuck waiting for my EarPods and I can not charge my 7 at the same time. Tell us if it's one or six months. "

And Tim Cook's answer:

"Thank you for your message. Sorry for the delay. We are in the process of finalizing them and I anticipate that deliveries will start in the coming weeks. "

The delay is not very precise, but a priori, it will be too late for the AirPods to appear in the Christmas gift lists.