Contactless payment, opening doors, transport card: this connected ring can do it all

Developed by the Corsican company Icare Technologies, the Aeklys ring is a real connected Swiss army knife. The small accessory replaces a payment card, a set of keys, a Navigo card, and much more. Small peculiarity: the design of the ring was developed with Phillippe Starck.

Aeklys connected ring

If our smartphones are now capable of doing almost everything, there are times when we would like not to have to systematically take them out of our pocket… Or quite simply not to have them on us at all times.

And if a small “smart” ring could replace some of the functionality of our phones? This is the project initiated a few years ago by the company Icare Technologies, a project launched 4 years ago, which has just come to fruition and which is now officially marketed.

Aeklys, the connected ring to control them all

Announced in early 2019, the Aeklys ring had not yet been marketed on a large scale. She had nevertheless succeeded in seducing, since investors bet more than a million euros on the platform. Here she finally arrives. The ring is now available on the Aeklys website at the price of € 199.

Taking advantage of a rather sober design, but quite classy, ​​the ring Aeklys was designed in partnership with the designer Philippe Starck. The same to which we owe, among others, the Freebox Revolution. But it is not by its design that this ring differs from a classic piece of jewelry. No, its main advantage is that it can do almost everything: allow you tomake contactless payments (up to a maximum of € 50), but also help you open the doors to your home, provided that they meet European standards and benefit from a connected device, of course.

But the functionality of the Aeklys ring does not end there. The small accessory also allows unlock your computer if it is equipped with an NFC chip (internal or external). Finally, the ring can also convey your virtual business card.

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A connected ring that can also act as a transport card

Icare Technologies plans to offer another functionality to its connected ring: a transport card option. “It is with a simple gesture and without waiting at the counter that you will be able to buy, validate and store simultaneously your transport ticket and your purchase invoice”, explains the manufacturer on its site. This option is not yet available, but Icare Technologies intends to make it accessible in a large number of national and international cities (Paris, Brest, Dijon, Amiens, Aix-en-Provence, London, Milan, Rome, New York, Moscow , La Vegas, etc.).

The ring is coupled with an application, which allows you to activate or deactivate the small accessory, but also to manage the budget or to subscribe to some of the services offered. Other possibilities are being tested, such as being able to use the ring as a building entrance badge, tickets and boarding passes or unlocking and starting a vehicle.