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Consult the emergency medical file for a locked iPhone

apple medical id Consult the emergency medical file for a locked iPhone

The medical card on your iPhone may contain important information for rescue. An illness, a handicap, an allergy, your weight or even your blood group. This sheet also contains the persons to be contacted urgently. You may never have needed to find this card urgently, for you it is not really useful. Imagine, you find an unconscious person, an accident or something else. You may even be a rescuer, a firefighter … Do you know how to consult the medical file on a locked iPhone or Apple Watch?

1. Create your medical file

Before finding it, think about creating your own. We don’t want it for you, but one day, it may be you who will need someone to know how to access your medical file.

You can enter:

  • Photo ;
  • First and last name ;
  • Date of Birth ;
  • Medical problems;
  • Medical notes;
  • Allergies and reactions;
  • Treatments;
  • Blood group ;
  • Organ donation ;
  • Weight;
  • Cut ;
  • Emergency contacts.

Important information : in France, by default, you are an organ donor. If you don’t want to donate your organs, you need to let people know. The safest way is the refusal register.

Create your medical file:

Good to know : it may be a little different in iOS 12 and below.

1.1. Open the app Health, on your iPhone;

1.2. Tap your photo, top right> Medical file ;

iphone health profile Consult the medical file, in emergency, of a locked iPhone

1.3. Your medical file appears. If it doesn’t suit you, touch Edit ;

1.4. Activate View in locked mode to facilitate access without unlocking your iPhone;

1.5. Edit all the information you deem necessary, try to plan at least an emergency contact (useful in case of fall detection, emergency call and for rescue);

1.6. Validate with okay.

iphone medical file Consult the medical file, in emergency, of a locked iPhone

2. Open the medical file without unlocking the iPhone

Your iPhone must be turned on to access your medical information, but does not need to be unlocked. The principle is the same as to pass a Emergency call. You have 2 possibilities.

1re possibility

From iPhone 8, you must press the button simultaneously for a few seconds lock button + a button volume. Slide Medical file to the right.

Good to know : release the buttons when the 3 choices appear so as not to launch the automatic emergency call.

With other iPhone, quickly press 5 times the lock button then swipe Medical file.

iphone extinguish emergency call medical file Consult the medical file, in emergency, of a locked iPhone

2e possibility

2.2.1. Attempt to unlock the iPhone, without success;

2.2.2. In the lower left corner, tap Emergency ;

2.2.3. The keyboard appears for emergency calls, choose Medical file.

iphone medical file emergency call Consult the medical file, in emergency, of a locked iPhone

3. Consult the medical file on the Apple Watch

The watch is often easier to find than the iPhone. The Apple Watch also has access to the contact card even if it is no longer within reach of the iPhone or is locked.

Just press and hold the side button then drag the cursor Medical file.

apple watch medical file Consult the medical file, in emergency, from a locked iPhone

The medical file can help during rescue and care. However, remember that if the emergency services can access it legally and easily, it can be the case for anyone. So think about this: educate what is medically important, relevant, without providing information that can be used against you. Your loved ones will take care of giving the other necessary information.


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