Console emulators for Android

MegaN64 is a console emulator that allows you to find all your old N64 games directly on your Android smartphone.

Fork of the open source project Mupen64 +, MegaN64 improves the performance of its predecessor and guarantees a smooth and graphically qualitative gaming experience.

Addressed primarily to users informed or comfortable with computers, MegaN64 requires that you manually specify the path to your ROMs in order to take advantage of it. Note that since video games and licenses are copyrighted, the app does not provide any ROMs. You must have the original cartridges of the games to be able to enjoy them on your smartphone.

Finally, MegaN64 has many configurable features regarding controls, graphics and sound parameters. In addition, the emulator integrates multiplayer support for up to 4 players.


Nostalgia.NES is an NES games emulator for Android that allows you to find all the games of your childhood on your smartphone.

Easy to learn, Nostalgia.NES does not require you to navigate through the various storage directories to find your games. Indeed, the application integrates an autonomous module which is responsible for automatically searching and targeting the various games on your Android. Note that Nostalgia.NES supports NES and ZIP files, the latter being decompressed directly by the emulator.

Nostalgia.NES has simple and strategically placed controls on the screen to let you get the most out of your games. In addition, the app allows you to save your games at any time on eight different slots, as well as to rewind your games by a few seconds in the event of unfortunate accidents; a boss attacks you by surprise and kills you before you can save, for example.

Finally, Nostalgia.NES comes as a simple emulator and does not offer any built-in games. Indeed, the licenses and video games being protected by copyright, you must own your ROMs to be able to emulate them.


RetroidNetplay is a console game emulator for Android that allows you to find all your favorite video game titles on your smartphone or tablet.

Fork of RetroArch, RetroidNetplay comes with several different emulator cores preloaded so that you can play on whatever platform is right for you. Among the different emulated consoles, we find the PlayStation 1, the SNES, the NES, the Arcade terminals, the various Sega consoles, the Gameboy, or even the Neo-Geo.

Addressed to seasoned and / or curious users, RetroidNetplay requires some advanced computer skills since you have to manually select the emulator corresponding to the games you want to play. By the same token, the application does not have an automatic search engine capable of finding your ROMs on your terminal. You must therefore indicate the location manually.

RetroidNetplay allows you to enjoy multiplayer games provided you configure a dedicated server.

Finally, RetroidNetplay does not ship any game and does not offer you to download any. Indeed, video games are the property of their publishers, you must have an original copy of the ROMs to enjoy them on your Android.