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Connected speaker market: HomePod is struggling to establish itself

Sales of connected speakers have never been higher. And yet, a year after its release, the HomePod ofApple barely represents 1% of the world market.

It is the least altered product for Apple. The latest report from Canalys shows it: the connected speaker HomePod takes part in an indistinct category in the name of “others”, that which includes 2.9 million speakers from multiple manufacturers and includes 1% of the market worldwide.

First place goes to Alexa (Amazon) whose sales increased by 84.7% in one year, a record. With 3.5 million devices sold in the quarter, Google Home (Google) occupies second place in the classification, ahead Ali Baba which observes a spectacular progression (204.3%) just like Xiaomi (411.4%).

Long dominating the market for smart speakers, the United States struggles to offer products that defy Chinese competition. This is because, despite the efforts made by Apple faced with poor sales, the HomePod remains expensive: $ 299. Champion of low-cost productions, China now monopolizes more than half of the world market of connected speakers, against 25% for the country of Uncle Sam.