Connected bracelets: what are they really worth?

Connected bracelets: what are they really worth?

You are lost, it's normal, who would not be! The world of smartphones is evolving and growing. Especially as the world of watches, rings and smart glasses, but also bracelets of physical activity are added to the list. But what about these connected sensors and bracelets? What are they really worth? We will try to guide you through this article.

How can we differentiate smartbands from smartwatches? What exactly are they and why is this type of gadget a better watch? Do we need a smartphone to make them work? Do not worry we are here to help you.

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The FitBit a tracker like any other. Fitbit

What is a smartband or fitness tracker?

A smartband is nothing more than a bracelet designed to monitor your daily physical activity. A kind of intelligent pedometer that records all your movements that are then transmitted on the screen of your smartphone. Just connect your smartband to a mobile device to read the data because not all activity bracelets have a display screen.

Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30
The Sony SmartBand has a notch. Sony

There are of course different types of smartbands. Many variations exist like the display screen, taking into account the number of calories burned, the number of steps, sleep cycles, but also the possibility to manage the music player or other advanced features of this. type.

The smartband, as its name suggests, is worn as a bracelet, while the fitness tracker is simply a gadget that attaches to your clothes.

How does a smartband work?

We arrive at the most important point: the smartband connects your mobile device via Bluetooth or NFC and comes with its own battery. Do not panic, do not tell yourself yet another device that I have to charge every night. Rest assured, the smartband benefits from up to 30 days of autonomy (of course, the hours may vary depending on the model). So do not expect the performance of a smartwatch in this area.

Of course, the higher the price of your smartband, the more it will have many features. Note that no additional configuration is needed. Just activate your smartband and wear it. There are smartband models that have a notification light to show your progress, calories burn, time and date, but also to receive notifications of messages and calls.

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The FitBit Surge in different colors. Fitbit
<p style=Everything depends on the characteristics implemented by the brand but also compatible applications installed on your smartphone. On some smartbands, however, you will have to install an own application them but you can also download apps "fitness" compatible with all smartbands, the Runtastic application for example.

Know that you do not need to carry your smartphone when you play sports. Indeed, your fitness tracker records the data and transmits your smartphone as soon as it is connected.

But then, should we buy a smartband or fitness tracker?

First and not least, the price. The smartband rated cheaper than the fitness tracker. Other element, the practical side: the smartband is easy and comfortable to wear. In addition, its autonomy allows you to not worry about recharging every day. Finally, certain functions can quickly become essential for a sportsman (even for an occasional sportsman) or for a person who takes care of his body.

Perfect for those who exercise daily but also for those who simply want to know their energy expenditure, their number of steps, the fitness tracker is a stylish and functional gadget. He could even detach an Android Wear smartwatch.

And you, what do you think of smartbands? Are you rather connected watch or bracelet? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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