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Confinement: Tinder allows free communication with people around the world

Tinder in turn offers some of its premium features for free. The dating application has just removed the limit of swipes per day which becomes unlimited. The Passport option which allows to skip the geographic limit of the meetings and it also offers at no cost.


Social interactions are severely limited during confinement, but thanks to the Internet there are many applications that allow you to stay in touch with family, friends and even to help yourself in the community. The good old Tinder also adapts to the specific context of the coronavirus. If it is almost impossible at this time to meet romantic meetings, nothing prevents you from interacting with people near you or located in the four corners of the globe.

Tinder: Premium features that become free during containment

Many of our current subscribers connect to the rest of the world, using the Passport feature, says Tinder. For this reason, and to make a contribution to the solidarity of the various online services during confinement, the application makes this option completely free while it is usually reserved for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscribers.

Henceforth, nothing prevents you from swiping profiles from around the world, if only to inquire into the way in which others live during this particular period. This feature is all the more welcome as it is now possible to swipe infinity on Tinder. The application has indeed remove the limit of cippes who was 50 a day.

You can therefore match with as many profiles as you want and engage in conversation with people located near or far from your home: from Bordeaux to Marseille via Berlin and Wuhan as long as the language barrier is not an obstacle for you. But all of this obviously has an end. These features will be new limited to premium users from April 30.

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