Concept: iPhone 6 without home button

iphone 6 concept - Concept : iPhone 6 sans bouton home


Posted: April 15 2013Updated: April 15, 2013

by Martin

If you are stingy with iPhone concepts like us, you will most likely appreciate the latest addition to the future smartphone from Apple.

Imagined by Ran Avni, this concept of iPhone 6 presents a 4.5 inch screen and takes up the rumor about the absence of a home button in the next phones of the Cupertino company.

iphone 6 concept - Concept: iPhone 6 without home button

The screen, larger than the iPhone 5 and its current 4 inches causes a reduction in the black edges of the device. The fact that the famous round button so dear to Apple disappears leaves more room for the slab.

As for the back of the device, it also changes from what we know and the bands at the top and bottom of the iPhone 5 merge into a larger glossy part on the lower part. becomes grayer, reminiscent of the current generation MacBook Pro. We let you watch:

This is obviously not the first concept of its kind, since we told you about another iPhone 6 without home button (read: iPhone 6: Concept with 4.2 inch screen).