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Concept: Instagram 2013 – Belgium-iPhone

Concept: Instagram 2013 - Belgium-iPhone

Designer Stephen L. Levinson wasn't shy when he imagined what the Instagram app might look like in the near future. He thus reveals his concept in a rather well directed video.


Stephen L. Levinson stands out on the Internet after posting a video in which he presents "his vision" of the evolution of the Instagram application. A designer by training, this American therefore imagined a complete overhaul of the most popular image sharing service in the world, which is still relatively close to the current version but taking care to incorporate criteria currently in vogue. Suddenly, the redesign of the Instagram application imagines by this designer to provide a feeling of gain in fluidity and ergonomics. Contact by editor TechCrunch, this last explained his idea:

“I don't really use Instagram, but a lot of people do, so after testing it, I thought it could be a lot more elegant. I redesigned the parts that needed to be more intuitive, deleted the top menu bar that I found unnecessary and I wanted the shots to look more like current polarods. Then, to test my skills, I animated everything. ”

In the end, the work done by this American was not published on the Web by any chance. By operating in this way and in the search for a job, he hopes to have aroused some interest by his talent as a designer to find a job. It remains to be seen whether the Instagram team will be interested in his talent …

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The concept video: