Concept: a MacBook Pro with a touch keyboard and a huge Touch Bar


Posted: September 12 2018
Updated: September 12, 2018

by David

More and more concepts illustrating the future MacBook Pro are appearing on the web. Lately, the student Furkan Kasap imagined a MacBook Pro Touch 2018 and gave us a video that is nothing like the ones already published.

The video made by the young designer shows a MacBook with a large Touch Bar with a touch keyboard. It is a surface equipped with an OLED screen that the user could customize according to his needs.

For text entry, Furkan Kasap imagined an Apple laptop with haptic feedback capable of simulating physical keys, so that the user does not lose the physical sensation of touching the keys. However, for people who spend a lot of time typing, this function may be less comfortable than the physical keys.

Recently, Apple updated its online sales site to offer four new models of MacBook Pro: two new versions in 13 inches and two others in 15 inches.

We would like to inform you that Apple will be hosting its usual September keynote this evening. We will attend the presentation of three iPhones (the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max or Plus and the iPhone Xc or 9), a new connected watch and probably a new version of the AirPods.